Ac Repair Houston

Air conditioner repair guide in Houston

When summer months approach, you need to inspect whether your AC system is in good order. As a homeowner, you can do the inspection alone or call an HVAC expert to offer the service. The best time to have your unit inspected is between March and may. This is because they are not very busy attending emergencies in the field. Furthermore, you benefit a lot from various discounts offered. To ensure that your unit will be up and running during the summer period, there are some guidelines that you can use as highlighted and explained below:

Turning your Air conditioner on
It is important that you turn your unit on during the months of match and may before summer sets in. This strategy allows you to deduct any problems that your unit may have. You will be able to repair the unit so that during summer, it does not breakdown. You can also call the AC technicians to assist you repair the unit because they are not so busy during this period compared to when you call them during summer. You also enjoy discount and other hot deals during this time.

Save service fees
You can save on service fee if you inspect the unit yourself. You should ensure that you clear the area around the unit by removing shrubs and weeds. You should also remove any blockages that may be in the system. The unit needs enough fresh air in order to do its work optimally.

Freon Levels
It is advisable to inspect the Freon level of your unit. Low Freon levels signal a leakage which may lead to damage of the compressor. Additionally, low Freon levels indicate of overheating of your system. If the Freon levels are so down, it is important to recharge it for efficiency purposes.

Checking of the filter
t is important to check whether the filter is clean. In order for the AC to provide an optimal service the filter must be clean and in good order. Dirty filters make the system to be overworked hence using a lot of energy. Your aim is lower your utility bills, this happens when you perform simple inspection duties like filter cleaning. You need to replace filters once a month is your system is running most of the time.

Annual check-ups
It is important to have your system checked at least once yearly. This inspection will assist you in detection of problems and initiating corrective measures at the right time. The inspector will check all the parts and ensure that they are working optimally.

Wrong setting of the thermostat
If you use a programmable thermostat, it is important to ensure that it is set well. When you raise your temperature, you save 3% of your air-conditioning cost.

It is too sunny inside
Ensure that the curtains are drawn especially if your unit is close to a sunny shutter. This is to ensure that your unit does not use a lot of energy to remove added temperatures in the house.

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